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We are constantly trying to build a company that each of us would want to work at. We believe that taking care of our team is fundamental to our future success. We have updated our hiring process to truly look for a great cultural fit first, and know that we can train even novice gardeners on how to do all the technical skills of a fine gardener.  We meet with every team member at least three times a year so that we can understand their goals, help them on their own career growth plan and make sure we're creating an environment that everyone on the team can see their own future here.

We are currently seeking

Fine Gardener, Maintenance Division - Hiring for Spring 2024
Moravia, NY | Full-Time | $16-$19.25/hr
Fine Garden Lead, Maintenance Division - Hiring for Summer 2023
Moravia, NY | Full-Time | $20.25-$23.50/hr
Enhancement Team Lead, Enhancement Division - Hiring for Spring 2024
Moravia, NY | Full-Time | $20.25-$23.50/hr
Facilities/Fleet Manager, - Hiring for Winter 2024
Moravia, NY | Part-Time | $16-$20/hr


Following your interview process, we will work with you to discuss which level we feel you are currently at and provide you with a career path to meet your professional goals.

We compensate our team members with above-average pay but expect above average performance.

You must work to earn and keep a spot on our team, and you can rest assured that you will be well compensated for your efforts!
Fine Gardener | $16-$19.25/hr
Facilities/Fleet Manager | $16-$20/hr
Enhancement Team Lead | $20.25-$23.50/hr
Fine Garden Lead | $20.25-$23.50/hr
Manager | $24.50-$27.75/hr

Paid Time Off

We understand that our team members have lives outside of work. We also know that it’s nice to have some flexibility with your time for doctors appointments, picking up kids from the sitter, leaving a little early for a long weekend etc. We strive to be as flexible as possible with our scheduling, and as long as you and the crew you primarily work with aren’t affected, you can take unpaid time off to go do the things that are important to you too. Some advanced notice is appreciated, but we understand that emergencies happen, and we won’t ever penalize you for that

Therefore, if you need time off it will be granted if our team leaders have adequate notice. That being said, when it is time to work, we need you to bring your A game!

Starting your first month you are eligible to earn half a day a month. At the end of our season you could earn up to five days your first year. After two years you will start with five days and still be able to earn five days for the season.

Team Bonding

We work very hard and therefore need to offset our labor with fun events to build upon our company culture. Some of these events include:
Team BBQ
Family BBQ
Company Field trips
Morning Donuts

Community Give Back

Our team has chosen a unique profession in that we can have a direct impact on the lives of people where we live.

Helping with Habitat for humanity, or any way to make places more beautiful with flowers, our team members can hold their heads high knowing that they are bringing joy to members of our community! 

We partner with Industry Collective three times a year, along with dozens of other landscape companies around the country to have a broader impact.


Team Training

We invest heavily in training for all of our team members throughout the year. From a full day team meeting at the beginning and end of the season, to weekly safety training, skills training with all the tools and equipment, as well as monthly technical training to advance our horticulture skills. 

Even with no experience, we provide lots of opportunities for both formal and informal training so you always know what is expected of you.

Medical, Dental & Vision

Poplar Point Studio offers medical and dental for all full-time employees, however the company does not contribute at this time. We have Blue Cross Blue Shield for health and dental; vision is through Eyemed Vision Care.

Continued Education

Our focus on education and professionalism is what separates us from our competition. If you are willing to learn we are willing to sponsor you! We are happy to foot the bill for team members who are willing to give up their time to attend educational events and certification programs. Budget is based on your position with us.


Every processional team has a uniform and Poplar Point Studio is no different. You will be provided with professional hats, shirts, rain gear and a $50 gift certificate to get any other part of the uniform you need. For example: pants, shorts, or shoes.

Phone & Mileage

We pay for part of your phone bill as a Foreman for using your phone to communicate with your Manager. If you are asked to use your vehicle, we also pay for the miles you put on it for the company.

Loyalty Rewards

$100 Annual loyalty bonus for every year you work with us at the beginning of each season.

401K Plan

You can start contributing to your 401k on day 1. Poplar Point Studio will start contributing 1% after your first year with us.

Do I have a future here?

This question is something we know everyone is curious about when you’re looking for a change in your career. Honestly – we aren’t a perfect fit for everyone. We are young, ambitious and constantly growing/expanding the business. While this can be exhilarating for some who like to be part of creating a future for themselves, it can also be tough adjusting to constant change. We have great big plans for the future of the business (which we typically share with you on your first chat with us), and hope that those big plans are something you’d like to be part of.

Ultimately we want each person who is on our team to love their job, love the team they work with, and feel like they are challenged to give their best gifts everyday. We are continuously working to build a long term sustainable, year-round business that we can all be proud of, and get a chance to try different areas of the company out. We know that the “right fit” for you, and us, matters, and we work very hard to make sure you have the tools you need to be successful here. If it’s not a good fit, we will professionally part ways, and then support you following your own passion with no hard feelings.

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