Containers & Seasonal Color

PPS is one of the only gardening companies in the area that focuses on adding seasonal color to clients' gardens and living spaces. Components of our seasonal color program include planting bulbs for a beautiful display of spring color, annual plantings in garden beds, containers, holiday light displays and more.

We are here to #plantjoy

Container Services

Container Plantings
Annual Beds
Container Maintenance Programs
Vacation Watering
Bulb Planting
Holiday Décor
Interior Plantscaping & Maintenance

Container Plantings

PPS specializes in custom-designed and thoughtfully crafted containers. Your containers will be beautiful every season because our designers focus on correct plant selections, texture, color and unique combinations that will thrive in the appropriate site conditions. We only select high quality materials and plant containers full on installation day so you can start enjoying them right away. As the season progresses your containers will continue to grow and bloom constantly giving you a show!

We design and install 4-seasons of color: Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday. We take care of the entire process, which includes designing, shopping/ordering, installation and cleaning up. You get to enjoy the beauty without having to lift a finger!

Annual Beds

The addition of annual flowers to your landscape can help provide the extra pop of color and highlight to each season! After a long winter, watching spring awaken with colorful spring bulbs that open before the rest of your landscape is a true joy and helps cure that cabin fever. Once summer comes around, the options are endless when it comes to picking colors, textures and styles to enhance your garden beds with annuals.

Our designers select plants that will thrive in your landscape and will be sure to give you a show that gets better as the season progresses. Once the crisp air rolls back in, mums become the focal point rounding out the planting season that will get you through frost.

Container Maintenance Program

We provide regular maintenance visits specifically for your containers, keeping them looking beautiful all season long.

Your containers will continually bloom and grow throughout the season. If you do not want to tend to them, allow our team to come bi-weekly or monthly to take care of deadheading, removing spent blooms, fertilizing, and pest monitoring.

With regular maintenance, your container will look better and thrive longer.

Vacation Watering

This is exactly what it sounds like - if you are going away for a long weekend or an extended period of time and do not want to ask your family member or neighbor to water all of your containers while you are away, we can help!

We have dedicated team members trained on proper watering techniques who are happy to come tend to your containers so you can vacation without worry.

Bulb Planting

Bulbs are easy to plant and offer an abundance of colorful blooms that can brighten your garden for weeks in early spring. They are also incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of garden settings, from formal borders to naturalistic meadows.

Adding bulbs to your garden is a simple yet rewarding way to enhance the beauty and vitality of your garden, and it’s an investment that will pay off for years to come.

Interior Plant Care & Installation

Interior plants not only look good, but they can make us happier and improve our environment. If you have an office building or lobby that you are looking to interior plantscape but are unsure of where to start, we can help.

We specialize in selecting the correct plants for the environment to ensure they will thrive. If taking care of them feels too overwhelming, we can help with that as well!

Holiday Décor

Let us help take some of the stress out of your holidays by helping you decorate! Winter is often overlooked and planters stay bare but by working with PPS your planters can be filled with long lasting mixed evergreens and decor stems that match your holiday decor. The containers are low maintenance and last through the winter months!

Our designers can also create beautifully decorated custom wreaths or garland to enhance your entryway. Lighting trees and shrubs can be tricky, but allow us to help and your only job is to then turn on the lights at the end of the installation and enjoy the beauty!

Container FAQs

How much do they cost?
In short - it depends.  Pricing can be affected by the size of the container, how densely planted you like an arrangement, if we use decorative elements, if there is a feature plant (like a tropical or shrub), as well as site access (if it's particularly challenging to get to the location).  

We are always happy to see photos or come do a site visit to get you a more specific budget, but a good rule of thumb is around $150-$200 for a 15-20" pot. Holiday season is a premium service as décor items are pricier than regular plant material used in other seasons.

We have a minimum of $1,500 for an annual package (could be 1-2 pots with 4 seasons of color).
Do you work for residential and commercial?
Yes, we offer container and seasonal color packages to both residential and commercial properties.  However for commercial we may recommend the use of self-watering pots as they dramatically reduce watering labor, and improve the health and longevity of anything we install, ensuring that your investment is enjoyed for the most time possible.
How do I care for my planters?
We can share instructions with you in person when we come install your arrangements. If taking care of them isn’t your thing, we offer a weekly maintenance plan as well.
Do you install irrigation in planters?
At this time we do not install the irrigation ourselves, however we do work with trusted professionals in the region that can help you out. We highly recommend this for anyone who has permanently installed planters. 

We also recommend swapping out key planters to a self-watering style, which can extend the time between waterings to 10-14+ days, saving major time on your end!
Do you provide the planters?
We are happy to offer design consultations ($95/hr) to help you find the right planters for you and your space! Or we can recommend vendors you can purchase from yourself. 

Things we take into consideration when making recommendations:
- architectural style of the home/building
- color palette
- material selection (fiberglass, concrete, steel, ceramic, resin etc)
- water access
- weight (if the location is windy, the pot may need to be heavier so it doesn't tip over)
- texture (will this be a feature pot that needs to draw attention?)
Do you offer deliveries as well?
We do not  do deliveries of individual pots or inserts at this time, our focus is on-site installations at your home or workplace. 
Do I get to choose the colors that I want?
Absolutely! Our Container Designer will contact you to learn any requests you may have for things you like or dislike and use that to come up with a custom look just for you.  It is helpful to let us know if you have any strong plant preferences, and while we can't guarantee our suppliers will have exactly what you want, we try to find substitutes that will give you the same feeling.

If you don't have an opinion and just want to let us design what we think is best, that is totally fine - we love having the freedom to make something beautiful just for you.

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