Fine Gardening

We love fussing with flowers! We are focused on all the little details in your garden or landscape that make the difference between you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out versus relaxed and able to find joy outside again.

Our boutique services have evolved over the years to almost exclusively offer garden maintenance packages for high-end residential and commercial properties in the Finger Lakes Region. Our all-inclusive packages let you enjoy your outside spaces with a worry-free, weed-free, and beautiful garden without having to do any of the work.
Our Packages

Garden Maintenance Program

We offer three primary starting packages, and are happy to customize exactly to your property needs and preferences.

By having a custom program it allows our team of fine gardeners to proactively monitor and nurture the health and beauty of your plants so they thrive throughout every season.

Regular and planned maintenance visits will allow us to stay on top of not only weeding and deadheading, but also fertilizing, watering, pruning and much more.


  • Monthly Maintenance Visits
  • Winter Pruning (1/2 Day)
  • Spring Bed Cleanup (1 Day)
  • Fall Bed Cleanup (1 Day)
  • Dedicated Field Manager
  • Property Inspections
  • Insect & Disease Scouting
8 Visits
Starting At
/per month*


  • Bi-Weekly Maintenance Visits
  • Winter Pruning (1/2 Day)
  • Spring Bed Cleanup (2 Days)
  • Fall Bed Cleanup (1.5 Days)
  • Dedicated Field Manager
  • Property Inspections
  • Insect & Disease Scouting
14 Visits
Starting At
/per month*


  • Weekly Maintenance Visits
  • Winter Pruning (1 Day)
  • Spring Bed Cleanup (3+ Days)
  • Fall Bed Cleanup (2 Days)
  • Dedicated Field Manager
  • Property Inspections
  • Insect & Disease Scouting
25 Visits
Starting At
/per month*
*Payments can be adjusted for 10 or 12 months

Included Services

Winter Pruning
Spring Bed Cleanup
Regular Summer Maintenance Visits (Monthly, Bi-Weekly or Weekly)
Fall Bed Cleanup
Property Inspections

Additional Services

Specialty Pruning (shrubs and small trees under 12’)
IPM/Pest Management
Deer Protection
Green Roof Maintenance
Boxwood Rejuvenation

What to Expect

Consistent crews that know your preferences and the property needs
Horticultural excellence - our trained team of professionals knows how to take care of all of the plants on your property, the first time
Customize with add-on services that work for you, and adjust as your lifestyle changes
A smooth experience - We make it easy so you don’t have to lift a finger
Worry Free - we know what we’re doing, and manage expectations proactively
Feeling of relaxation - beautiful gardens make you feel good. You deserve to feel that way!

Dedicated Field Manager

Additionally we assign you a designated Field Manager - who becomes your first point of contact if you need anything related to your garden spaces! They are focused on making sure your goals and aspirations are handled efficiently and effectively.

Field Managers also manage Garden Leads by making sure they have the training, tools and knowledge they need to be successful and uphold PPS quality and standards.

Up Front Agreement

When signing up to be part of our Garden Maintenance Program, you will receive an agreement of annual services up front that will have a set monthly payment for 12 months of the year rather than invoices with a varied cost based on work performed each month.

One of the many benefits of having a Maintenance Program is it allows for predictability which means you will not be surprised by any PPS maintenance bills throughout the year.

Our main priority for the Maintenance Contract is setting clear expectations and to allow for proactive planning of garden maintenance tasks that will be completed throughout the year.

Maintenance FAQs

How does billing work?
Once we set up your annual maintenance program, we will send an invoice on the first of each month for the fixed amount of your plan. You can either set up automatic payments, bank transfers or pay via check or credit card. You can expect the same fixed payment for anything we have pre-agreed in your program. Additional services are billed separately.
Who do I contact if I have questions about my garden maintenance?
We pair each client with a dedicated maintenance Field Manager that serves as a single point of contact. With extensive experience in all aspects of property maintenance, our Field Managers oversee all work, coordinate scheduling and execution, and clearly communicate with both the team and client. 

Our Field Managers carry a variety of qualifications including degrees in Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional, and NALP Certified Landscape Technician.
Who from your team would take care of my garden day to day?
We assign a dedicated Fine Gardening Lead to each property, so you’ll get to know the same friendly faces each year and throughout the season. The Garden Leads are each trained on your specific preferences and we review the property layout, key features and maintenance strategies at the beginning of each season. 

Additionally the Field Managers come to inspect their work on a regular basis to ensure that the highest quality of work is being done, and train on any new techniques that will help keep the property looking its best.
Can I cancel or end my program early?
Yes, while we work hard at the beginning of the relationship to make sure that the maintenance package is the right fit for you, we understand that life happens, and sometimes you need to shift where you are making investments. If you reach out to your Field Manager, we can chat with you about options for pausing, decreasing scope or canceling services. Any adjustments to true-up payments would be made in the final invoice.
How do you determine the right package for my property?
A: Based on our experience over the last 10+ years we will start you off with a recommendation based on a client with a similar sized property, and then customize based on your personal preferences, lifestyle, specific plant care needs and any additional requests you may have. We will likely start off with an aspirational proposal, and then work with you to edit the scope so we can match your budget and expectations for service.
What happens if my gardens are totally overrun with weeds?
What we will suggest is a one time “cleanup” to get your garden beds in shape before we even start your maintenance package. This may include major pruning, thinning, removing dead plants, cutting new bed edges, adding compost, cutting back any perennials/deadheading and a very thorough weeding! We finish that phase off with a heavy layer of mulch, so that the beds are fresh, healthy and beautiful. Once the beds are in good shape, our maintenance team will take over regular visits to keep things healthy and looking their best.
How much do your garden maintenance packages cost?
Our programs are customized to each individual property, but we have 3 basic tiers that can help give you a ballpark to start from.

Our Silver package starts at $500/month (approximately $6,000 annually), our Gold package starts at $1000/month (approximately $12,000 annually), and our Platinum level starts at $1800/month, ($21,600 annually).

These packages are considered a premium service, and we work hard to make sure that we bring a measurable value to your home, and well-being, while still being priced competitively as a professional in our industry.

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